Frame 21, Herentals 
Friday 3rd of March

Frame 21, Herentals 
Friday 3rd of March

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This Is Teal Around The World 2023...

We bring together a  community on a journey to discover a more liberating, fulfilling, and purpose-driven business world with TATW Global and TATW Belgian Edition.

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Are you ready to join a community on a mission to create a more liberating, fulfilling, and purpose-driven business world? TATW Global and Tatw Belgian Edition are leading the change, and we want you to be a part of it.

We believe that by bringing people together to exchange views and experiences, we can collectively shape the future of business for the better. The world we envision may look different for each company and individual, but by joining forces, we can make it a reality.

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Featured Speakers Virtual

Frederic Laloux
Author: Reinventing Organisations

Thijs De Blok
CEO Buurtzorg

Eva McLellan
General Manager Roche

Patrick Fransen
Partner Pebble Wave

Join us LIVE for an unforgettable experience on Friday 3rd of March in Herentals! 

08:00 -  Start Breakfast

08:45 -  Welcome & Introduction

09:00 -  Streaming Global Keynote Speakers

12:00 -  Teal Lunch

14:00 -  Teal Experience Sessions

17:00 -  Networking & Afterparty

Experience Transformation LIVE with Distinguished Teal  Entrepreneurs

Jan Van Lishout
Founder Qteal 

Navigate Interactions with Non-Teal Stakeholders as a Teal Organization: Practical Strategies for Success

"Coexisting as a Teal Organization: Navigating Interactions with Non-Teal Stakeholders Without Compromise. Discover practical strategies for maintaining the Teal mindset, including managing "no-email", setting your own wage, billing customers based on value, and more. Learn from real-world lessons, both positive and negative, to help your organization succeed"

Winnie Winters
Rebody Coaching

Embrace Your Inner Conflicts, Experience Wholeness

This workshop teaches you to break free from limiting "either-or" thinking and embrace a spectrum of perspectives. Move beyond polarisation and towards purpose by learning to see all sides of the story and reframe tension, imbalance, and conflict. Through a step-by-step process, you will gain more integral ways of thinking and behaving, leading to greater inner and outer wholeness"

Dimitri Barbe
Founder Makesense, a springbok agency

Nature Holds the Key: Rediscover Billions of Years of Wisdom for a Transformative Journey in Business

Rediscover the Power of Nature. Tap into Billions of Years of Wisdom. Explore the impact of embracing our connection to nature on ourselves, our brands, and our companies in this transformative session."

Bastiaan De Brock & Geert Van Aken
Intogrowth cv  & Teal for Teal

Boost Organizational Success with Teal Self-Management and Decentralized Decision-Making Techniques

"Teal Organization: Harness the Power of Self-Management and Decentralized Decision-Making. Enhance Your Adaptability and Resilience. Join our workshop and gain insight into visualization techniques that drive progress, identify obstacles, and facilitate decision-making. Enhance communication, collaboration, and alignment with the organization's purpose for more effective goal setting and prioritization."

Maïte Grisard
Founder Marketrotters

Unleash Your Company's Potential: An Interactive Journey Through the Stages of Development with the Teal Method

"Embark on a Journey of Company Development with the Teal Method. Interactive Workshop to Unlock Your Potential. Explore new ways of thinking and acting to drive your company's success. Using movement, reasoning, and brainstorming, develop personal action plans that leverage qualities from various stages of development."

Stephan Bostoen
Co-Founder of Pebble Wave

How to find your conscious purpose and make it a successfull company strategy

"Transform the Business World with Purpose-Driven Strategies. A Systematic Approach for Fulfilling, Impactful Companies. Join Pebble Wave's Journey of Discovery. Learn from 10 Years of Investment and Experimentation with 20 Companies. Create a Better Work Environment for All."

The Venue: Frame 21 Herentals

The Venue: Frame 21 Herentals

The Frame21 location in Herentals has a 10.000 square meter inspiring work environment. This beautiful building was opened in 2008 and has 300 modern, creatively furnished workstations. In addition, this location is very easily accessible as it is located near the E313 highway between Antwerp and Hasselt.

Practical information


  • Date: & Time:
    Live event:
    Fri 03/03, 08:00 - 17:00
    Virtual event: Thu 02/03 - 8:00AM -00:00
  • Location Virtual:  Zoom
  • Location Live:  Frame 21, Diamantstraat 8, Herentals, Belgium
  • Price: 240€ incl. VAT.
  • Ticket: incl.  access virtual + live 
What food & drinks are included?
We foresee beverages at the venue, including a breakfast& Teal Lunch
Does the venue offer parking?
There's plenty of free parking available at the venue, including 40 loading stations for EV's
What's included in the ticket?
Entry to the physical event on Friday 3rd of March 2023 where we provide breakfast, drinks & lunch. In addition, you get access to the virtual event that takes place most of Thursday, 2nd of March, including keynote speakers like Frederic Laloux & Thijs De Block

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